Saturday, November 24, 2007

Manic Monday

I had a really, really, really great break. Which means that somehow, between when I return to Carlisle tomorrow afternoon and 9am Monday morning, I will finish and submit my motion in limine assignment and my self-evaluation of the "advanced direct examination" I did before break, and write and rehearse a closing argument. I swore I would get all that done at a leisurely pace over break, but instead, I took a break. This will be my fourteenth Monday of the semester, and what I have learned is that somehow it all gets done, on time, and often rather well. I've been there for all of them, but I still can't explain how it all gets done.

The actual Monday kicks off with my 9am "filing deadline" for Advocacy class, and two hours of Electronic Evidence, from 9am-11am. Then I'm at the Clinic from 11:30 - 4:30. I go home, eat something but not too much (pre-presentation jitters), put on my suit, and cram for Advocacy, which is from 7-9pm. After two hours of oral-advocacy presentations and public feedback, I unwind by walking home (4 blocks), and by the time I put on my pj's, I've completely unraveled.

Tuesday's schedule is lighter: three meetings and one class, and their requisite prep-work.

Wednesday is thrilling and scary: two hearings. Enough said. I will have Tax class afterward, but I imagine flashbacks from the morning's hearings will keep me from hearing much of anything. Fortunately Tax, being tax, moves slowly. It shouldn't be too hard to catch up.

This week, I applied for a job. I've been anxious about not being employed by the time I graduate. Today it occurred to me that if all goes well, someone will actually hire me to be a real lawyer. I've wanted this since I was fifteen, and I feel exhilarated - bordering on terrified. It's as if I'm about to go from having a learner's permit to a full-blown driver's license. They're actually going to let me on the highway. Amazing.